About Us

DUVAL Products is a longstanding Dexion Distributor with over 50 years experience of supplying industrial and commercial shelving, racking and storage solutions.

As a family-run business we are flexible enough to quickly respond to your needs whilst having the industry-leading power of Dexion behind us to deliver the best solutions to you.

Our Customers:

We supply to Central and South West London as well as Surrey and Southern England.


We work with a variety of customers of all sizes from end-users, Architects and Fit-out firms


Our diverse customers include:

Kew Gardens, Amazon, Wismettac Harro Foods, Kingston Technology, UCL, Oxford Brookes University, CBRE, The Office Group, Wandsworth Council, and many more


We know that all projects, big or small, have very different requirements and solutions. That's why we work with you to help you select the perfect solution to meet your exact needs.


Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we can help


Find out more about the products that we have in our range below.


We have more products than we can show on our website and as every customer has different requirements, we find it best to discuss your needs and budget with you directly to recommend a selection of suitable solutions.

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Our range of shelving systems and our expertise mean that we can provide the right system for any size job; one bay all the way up to a vast installation. 

We provide all types of shelving to suit any requirements and budget:



Heavy duty

Long bays

Archive & Library

Stylish office systems


Whatever you need to fit-out or add-on to your workshop or garage.


Our solutions include:


Small parts storage

Long span shelving

Heavy goods storage

Steel cupboards  

Trucks and trolleys

Safety steps

and more


We offer Pallet Racking Systems to meet your needs.

We can supply new racking, extend your existing racking, and undertake manufacturers recommended methods to replace damaged components


Installing an additional floor in your building could be the solution to dramatically increase your workspace or storage capability, and is usually a low cost alternative to expanding your building or moving.

Our mezzanine solutions can be installed as a standalone project or as part of your larger project


Visit our online store to buy from our huge range of storage and materials handling equipment.

Contact us if you have any questions or need support to buy



Having safe and secure racking systems is vital for your workplace and employees.


If you have any concerns regarding damage to your racking, we can offer prices to supply and fit replacement components

design & planning

We can offer a quotation to supply equipment for your needs.

Make use of our many years of experience to supply the right solution to you.

We can help with different size projects and use our experience to find a simple solution to something complex 

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