A mezzanine floor is an easy way to double the useable floor space by utilising the available height in your building, assisting to solve any storage issues you may have 

Mezzanine floors are a cost effective solution to install into your building as an alternative to relocating or expanding your business.

How are they installed?

Mezzanine floors are designed as free standing platforms within your existing building.

Steel columns are installed on the ground floor concrete slab and support beams fitted for the floor decking.

We usually supply particle board for decking as a cost effective method, but other types of can be supplied for a specific purpose.



We supply mezzanine floors for a variety of end uses; the main applications are:

  • Storage​​

Mezzanine floors can be used as a storage platform and they are designed to be strong enough to suit your requirement such as for pallets or shelving. Whatever you need the additional space for we can help ensure it is the best storage solution for you.

  • Office Space

Utilising the available headroom in your building means you can easily install fully functioning office space on the raised floor.

All our mezzanine floors are designed in compliance with all current Building Regulations and best practice guidelines.

Fire Regulations and Means of Escape need to be approved as part of the Building Regulations approval.


Should you wish to obtain these approvals yourself or by a third party, we can provide the calculations for the structure to be included with the Building Regulations application

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