DEXION Pallet Racking is the industry-leading standard for warehouses of all sizes to safely store goods in an efficient manner.


Pallet racking can be easily configured to meet your storage needs and pallet loads with a variety of accessories and add-ons.


Whether you need a brand new installation, additions or repairs; we can help.

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Pallet racking can be fully customised to meet your optimal storage requirements and to fit in your specific warehouse space. 

Standard Wide Aisle Racking is the typical pallet racking found in most warehouses that provides unrestricted access to pallets at all times.


It can be designed in a variety of bay widths and depths and is suitable for all types of pallets and cartons.


Use Duval's many years of experience by advising us of some key bits of information; what space you have available and what needs to be stored. We will then provide details of the most suitable Pallet Racking.



Aside from the standard racking solution, we can provide other solutions to meet your specific requirements:

  • Narrow aisle for smaller spaces

  • Drive in: for FILO (first in, last out) storage

  • Pallet Flow: for a FIFO (first in, first out) solution

  • Carton Flow

  • Mobile

  • Accessories

    • Pull out units

    • Push back trolleys

    • Multi-tiers to create picking sections by adding walkways at various levels

    • Safety & Protection


We know that selecting the best solution and layout can be difficult, which is why we offer a free design & quotation service; please contact us for more information


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We have a variety of accessories that can be included as part of a pallet racking installation to make it an even more efficient storage solution for you.

Anti-collapse mesh

  • Attaches to the back of your pallet racking to protect staff against any items which are dislodged and could become falling objects 


Wire mesh decking

  • This lightweight & easy to install mesh sits on top of existing beams and enables you to store smaller goods and cartons

  • It also offers added protection for people and goods below the decking level

  • Often used when sprinkler systems are installed to allow the water through


Steel shelf panels

  • Heavy duty panels sit on top of the beams and provide shelves for hand-loading of goods

Timber Decking

  • When preferred to other types of shelving and for heavier items

  • When depth or size of pallets are too small for the depth of racking chosen and allows more efficient storage oft these items

Pull out unit

  • This effectively creates a drawer unit, so pallets can be easily pulled out of the racking to make picking easier


Brackets for sprinkler systems

  • Build fire safety systems directly into your racking by attaching our sprinkler brackets to racking uprights

Pallet support bars and Fork entry bars

  • Supports pallets when positioned on beams

Barrel chocks, Drum holders and Skid channels

  • Supports specific items when positioned on beams


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DEXION pallet racking is designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality, but we know that when in constant use, racking can become damaged and unsafe for your employees and goods.

We recommend that you have your racking inspected regularly for signs of damage, so replacement components can supplied and fitted as soon as possible before the worst happens.

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