Whether its for the office, library, storeroom, workshop, cold storage or warehouse we have the right solution for you.


Our shelving can be configured to fit your requirement, by height, width, bay size, shelf type, weight load.


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general shelving

Our ranges of shelving each have their own unique benefits and functions. We have systems ready for many uses:


Economy range

Our range of solid & robust economy shelving units are perfect for a range of uses where you don’t need a high-specification solution; 

  • Supplied with chipboard, MDF, HDF or metal shelves

  • Flat packed

  • Simple to self-assemble

  • Adjustable shelf heights

Industrial range

For storing heavier goods in workshops, picking areas and warehouses, our industrial shelving is versatile, easily adjustable and can hold heavier loads.

Our industrial range comes with

  • Steel shelves for durability and easier flexibility

  • Easily adjustable shelves

  • Chipboard or MDF shelves to suit requirements

  • A variety of bay widths

  • A choice of shelf depths

  • A variety of heights

  • A selection of loading limits to suit your requirements

  • A wide number of accessories to help store specific goods


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office shelving

Our stylish range of office shelving is flexible and adaptable enough to fit in any type of office environment.


The system has a selection of accessories and functionality to choose from to fully customise to your needs:

- Steel shelves for durability and easier flexibility

- Easily adjustable shelves

- Lateral filing 

- Shelf dividers

- Decor panels to hide shelf clips

- Open or closed bays

- Various shelf loadings

- Various heights, widths and depths


With our mobile solutions you can double your storage capacity and store even more in the same space.

Our Office and Mobile shelving is also great for archiving, libraries and storerooms.

FREEWALL Office Solutions


Introducing our stylish office storage solutions.


Individually designed to suit the needs of today's dynamic office environments; our FREEWALL solution offers flexible, modular configurations of an array of storage units in a number of styles.

  • Create separate rooms or areas with floor to ceiling cabinets

  • Personalise to suit your needs with a range of accessories

  • Ability to select bespoke colour schemes

  • Fittings to match your office

  • Add lockable elements, lighting and even charging points


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Our range of made-to-measure Longspan and Cantilever Systems are perfect for the organised storing of your long and heavy goods.

Longspan System

Longspan shelving is a strong, modular and adjustable solution that enables you to achieve the maximum storage capacity on much wider bays than short-span shelving.


It is a versatile shelving system that can be used for a variety of applications and store a wide range of goods of awkward shapes and sizes.


We can design a system with bays of different heights, widths and accessories.

Cantilever System


Our Cantilever system is strong, horizontally accessed and has no front uprights so forklifts can easily access all levels.

Available in light, medium & heavy duty ranges.


It is perfect for storing:

  • Lengths of steel, copper or other metals

  • Pipes, tubes

  • Lengths of timber

  • Boards and metal sheets

  • Crates and boxes

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Our range of wire shelving is perfect for retail shelving and is popular in  shop, office, hospital and hotel storage where its open design makes it perfect when air circulation is a requirement. For this reason it is great for server support and computer storage.

A specially painted,anti-bacterial finish can be selected which helps to fight the build up of germs and improve hygiene standards, making wire shelving perfect for:

  • Catering and Food storage

  • Hospitals

  • Food production

  • Walk-in freezers and cold rooms

  • Damp & corrosive environments


You can select this product with peace of mind as it comes with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee.


With a wide range of accessories, you can customise this system to suit your exact need. 


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Our range of shelving that is ideal for where hygiene and ease of clean are important 

Eko Fit is the ultimate non-corrosive, easy to clean shelving system - with shelf panels that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

It's designed to be used in:

  • Medical authorities and hospitals

  • Food production areas

  • Walk-in freezers and cold rooms

It has a variety of features, including:

  • Dishwasher proof shelf panels

  • Manufactured from food safe plastic

  • Temperature range from -30C to +90C

  • Aluminium frames & shelf supports, with plastic shelves

This system is available in a variety of sizes, and we can design it to fit your space and needs exactly.



The ultimate way to really maximise your space.

Mobile shelving can quickly double your storage capacity and it can be partnered with many shelving systems, making it a flexible solution to choose.


  • The tracks for the bases are usually mounted on the existing floor surface or can be inlaid if required

  • High quality, reliable and safe product

  • High loads if required

  • Additional storage capacity as only one aisle needed

  • Customise using accessories

  • Add security access to unlock

Mobile shelving is perfect for offices, archiving, restricted storage environments.

Contact us today so we can create your perfect mobile system 

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